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Solo Travelers are the Happiest!

This has been the age old debate about whether solo travelers are the happiest people or it is other way round. There is no concrete response to this question and it continues to be the mystery zone.  Traveling is definitely a fun activity which helps you rejuvenate and raise your mood level.

The world is very vast and varying and humans in different parts of the globe have learned different ways to survive and help evolve their surrounding based on the economic and cultural setup that got merged with them as different generations came by. So traveling to different countries, meeting people of different ethnicity and culture is definitely an unforgettable affair and undying experience which everyone would want to feel and preserve down their memory lane. 

Everything has its pros and cons on practical ground and we cannot ignore them at all. For example, traveling alone definitely brings lots of freedom to decide upon literally everything that is part of the plan but then it is not that straightforward as it looks because at times you need some help or some guidance which you would not have in case of moving alone.

Traveling alone brings loads of peace and satisfaction because then you can take your own time to either stay out or move from one location to another. Nobody is there around you to give unnecessary suggestions or inputs or pushing you hard to change your mind about what to eat and what not.

Also, in case of medical emergency you would be hapless and clueless and situation may turn more merciless if you are in place where there is a language barrier. Going solo also becomes difficult decision in case you are in a completely new place and lost out on the direction.  

Traveling in a group has its own charm and significance because the positive energy and enthusiasm of all the people get combined together and creates a very healthy and fruitful environment. In case of any eventuality or problem you can be rest assured that someone or the other would be there around to help you out at any given point of time. 

Also from the planning perspective, you can be sure that things will go mostly smooth since multiple heads were involved in planning and they all must have done through research prior marching out. The risks are less and plan looks more certain and promising.