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Nailing Your Public Speaking Presentation

Have you seen a lot of public speaking presentations in the past probably some by Benjamin Loh? Be honest, did you like all of the presentations that you have seen. It is likely that although you have liked quite a few, there are some that you feel were not that good. It might be because of the speaker or because of the topic that the speaker was talking about. Sometimes, both factors can affect how you will think about the presentation.

There are some things that you ought to remember so that you can nail your public speaking presentation. Learn more from here:


Want to learn more? Here are other things that you can do:

·         Make Your Purpose Clear

Do you think that your audience will understand what you are trying to say? Unless you do not clarify this, there is a big chance that people will feel confused after your presentation and they will not make an effort to know more about the topic that you have talked about.

·         Research About Your Audience

Your audience can always decide the fate of your presentation. If you are going to do public speaking for kids, you have to make sure that your words will be easy for them to understand. You also have to give a lot of jokes to keep kids engaged. If you are going to say a speech for executives, you have to speak their language as well. Once you learn more about your audience, your ability to have a successful public presentation will improve a lot.

·         Be Straightforward

People will not like it if you would have a lot of things to say. If you have to make a lot of introductions before you go straight to the point, you will lose your audience well. If you would like to make a good introduction, you may want to start with a problem that a lot of people from your audience can relate with. You can also detail a situation that people have experienced before.

·         Make Sure That Your Powerpoint Presentation or Visual Aids Work

It can be problematic if the presentation that you have prepared does not work that well. This can make it harder for you to engage your audience. If in case it does not work, do not feel disheartened. You can still get their attention through the way that you speak.


With all of these things in mind, you can be sure that you can nail your public speaking. Check out presentation skills course in Singapore if you possibly need more help.