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About Us

About Us

My name is Chi Chu and from Singapore. I have done my schooling from here and then went for graduation and master degree in tours and tourism from England. I was also excited about traveling to different places and meeting people from different culture and religion.


This all started out right from my childhood days since my father was in army so due to which he kept on relocating to different parts of the country. This gave me loads of opportunity to roam around the places and meet new people and learn new things almost every day.


During the latter part of my father’s career he was given higher rank which meant that he had a stable and fixed location to work from. We finally moved to the city and stayed there for around 5 years in continuation. This was the time when I was doing my schooling and realized that something was missing from my life.

After much persuasion, I managed to convince my parent to send me out to England to purse higher education. Apart from getting the good and sound education in the field of my interest I was thrilled that I was again traveling all the way out of my country to see a different part of the world. 


In almost 5 years that I stayed in England, I do not remember if I ever stayed back over the weekend wasting my time in my room. Whenever I would get opportunity I would go out and meet people and travel different places and capture them into my camera.


This passion of mine took me all the way to this internet arena where I decide to go digital and share my experience and all the finer details of traveling and its aspect with the wider audience. This is how this blog came into existence.

This is a perfect platform for the people who want to learn about traveling and other related aspect of it in detail. Please read further to know more.